An Oasis of Healing and Abundant Living for the Nations

This is where you’ll find out more about our values, history and projects. We aim to be firmly rooted in the Word of God. The beliefs of the Eternal Flame Church guide our decisions as a spiritual family.




Our Values

These are the core beliefs and doctrines that shape how we live in fellowship as a called-out group of believers (the Ecclesia). 

Devotion to Christ is central to all that we do. We need to be Relevant to the time and season without changing our mandate which still remains to make disciples. Evangelism is a process of discipleship, teaching others to obey until they reach maturity as first-born sons of the Father. 

This journey towards maturity is open to all and Acceptance is characterised by the loving embrace extended to all strangers who easily become family. At Eternal Flame we hate sin, but embrace the sinner through a fathering grace. This grace is exercised through a process called Mentoring. It is through mentoring that we strive to unlock the potential to become mature sons of God.

Our History

Eternal Flame Church has a 37-year history, which has made us who we are today. Over the years, we have grown from strength to strength, serving our church family and community in various ways.

The full story is told in a timeline format, highlighting milestones throughout the years. Feel free to click the link to check out our timeline.

Legacy (Building) Project

Our vision is to be an oasis of healing and abundant living to the nations. Providing a building to enable this is the mission of the Legacy Project.

We are currently completing the final phase of our building, which includes the main auditorium and offices. The completion date was set for November 2020. The finance required to complete this phase is R5.5 million. The impact of the Corona pandemic and national lockdown has delayed construction. Once workers are allowed to return, construction will resume. To complete the final phase, we still need R4.5 million to cover material and labour.

We need your help. You could become a legacy partner by offering a loan at an agreed interest rate, giving a once-off gift or monthly pledge, by offering your professional services and advice, and/or by becoming a legacy project prayer partner.

To participate in this miracle please contact